The Art of Slow Living - How to Live and Be Present in the Now

The Art of Slow Living - How to Live and Be Present in the Now


It's Monday morning; it's 6:46, beds needs to be made, packed lunches need to be packed, the dog needs a walk and don't even get me started on my hair. We all abide by our own routines, we revolve around them and fixate on them without ever really being mindful of what we are actually doing in that particular moment. We are a generation of hurriers, scramblers, chasers and worriers and we never really pump the brakes. Living a mindful and slower version of our current lives may seem like a distant dream to some of us as we are continuously exposed to fast food, fast cars, fast trends and fast chatter - just about anything is in constant acceleration mode and we feel like we've always go to keep up.

 The art of slow living encourages us to be more connected to our individual lives and teaches us to slow right down, achieve at our own pace and to be mindful of life and it's magic. But, how do we teach and allow ourselves to reach that state of mind? Below are a few tips and pointers - 

On your walk or drive to work - How long is your commute to work? 2 minutes? 15 minutes? a couple of hours? However long it may be, it is the perfect time and place to practice your slow living mindfulness. Your morning jaunt to work is normally the optimum time to zone out and to think about your day ahead and the assortment of tasks it'll bring. Instead, look around, wherever you are. Look at the sky, the buildings, the cars and the people; breathe, appreciate and live in every single moment.  

In your spare time – I get it, spare time is precious time as it can be a rarity. We normally spend it glued to some sort of screen, whether it be mobile phone or television (or both!) and we give ourselves about an hour (if were lucky!) to bask in it's glory. Instead, try and use the time to pick up a new hobby or interest. Create something. Knit. Sew. Collage. Photograph. Draw. Dance. Whatever takes your fancy! Taking up new hobbies has the ability to allow our minds to focus on one thing at a time without any sort of distraction. It'll take some practice but give it a go!

 Define what is important to you and say no to everything else - Again, this one will take some practice but can totally be done! Sometimes, we all get a bit lost in what we think is important to us VS what actually is important to us and it can be hard to tell the difference. Give yourself time to think and understand what is truly important to you and to say no to the rest and you may find yourself beginning to eliminate 'I'm too busy' from your vocabulary. After all, less is better. 

I hope these little tips have helped you try to live a slower life. And, if you're ever in Exeter and in need of a calm and tranquil spot to chill, gather your thoughts and be in the now, our shop and our sister cafe - Sacred Grounds - are the perfect spots to be. And, if you have any Q's or just want a chatter, come and say hey! 

Grace x