The Power of a Piece of Jewellery:

The Power of a Piece of Jewellery:

Picture this ...

It’s Wednesday evening. You’ve had a long day. It’s date night. It kind of slipped your mind. He picked the posh restaurant. And you have NOTHING to wear. You rummage through every single drawer. Fumble through the rails of your wardrobe. You even tumble through the ironing pile. You haven't got long. An hour has somehow turned into 20 minutes. Time is ticking ...


“Who in the world let me buy that?!”

“No. Nuddah. Nuh-uh”

“Wore that yesterday”

"Pretty sure this isn't mine?"

“Hmmm. No.”

“Yellow completely washes me out”

“Where is the fashion fairy godmother when you need her?!”

"Ah Hah! This is cute. But is it posh restaurant 'cute'? ... hmmm ... it'll have to do! Nothing a bit of good piece of jewellery can't save!"

How many of us are guilty of having been through this scenario or one similar? Well, me too! And jewellery is totally the hero in these kind of situations because a few good pieces can completely upgrade any outfit and save us from our stresses for all occasions. A subtle necklace, a few dainty rings and a gorgeous statement pair of earrings are my recipe for success. 

Finding the perfect pieces is a completely new task. But, I think we can may be able to help you out with our growing range of beautiful, bespoke and handmade pieces of jewellery here in Exeter. 

Brass Dangle Flower Earrings by Melody Grossman 

Check out these handmade beauties which are just one of the four pairs from our in store range by Melody Grossman. Melody's pieces are all made from locally sourced materials and created from a painterly printed design taken from her original oil paintings of figures and landscapes. Any pair of these gorgeous earrings are sure to get compliments everywhere you go and are utterly perfect for those dinner dates, weddings or those summer evening BBQ's. 


          Iris Stud Earrings by Lima Lima 

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to statement pieces and I utterly adore these little studs. These gorgeous dainty gold studs are an absolute everyday essential. The beautiful work of jeweller Rhi of Lima Lima, part of the Slow-Fashion movement each piece is lovingly created from eco-friendly and locally sourced recycled materials in Bristol. These one of a kind beauties will accompany you for the day-to-day or that special celebration.

             Melako Earrings by Bohemia

These lovely beaded statement earrings by Bohemia are part of the Samburu Collection, handmade in collaboration with BeadWORKS Kenya. These intricately hand beaded tassel earrings have a diamond design inspired by traditional African beadwork that have been handcrafted by skilled women artisans in northern Kenya. As well as all of this, they supply that wonderful pop of colour needed to really put an oomph into an everyday look, wedding outfit or even part of your festival gear.

These are just some of the beautiful from our ever growing range of jewellery here at No Guts No Glory. Whatever the weather, whatever the mood and whatever the occasion - we've got your sorted! 

Grace x