2019 Trend Forecast - Biophilia & Art Prints from ATWTS

2019 Trend Forecast - Biophilia & Art Prints from ATWTS

Have you heard the new buzzword for 2019? 

B I O P H I L I A ...  that's right Biophilia...

Get used to it as it's been touted as a hot new trend for 2019 - and like, forever if you ask us! It perfectly sums up a few things... like why your office looks more and more like the Eden project, why your bedroom contains 26 NASA certified Oxygen breathing plants & why Amazon's new Seattle headquarters has 40,000 plants! 

Biophilia is a philosophy which highlights our innate need to be immersed in nature - it's why we feel so good forest bathing, and less good staring into a screen, or in a dark office all day...

It's no wonder Urban Jungle Bloggers & Houseplants are having a big moment and It's a return in part, to exactly what our bodies, brains and souls require to live a more peaceful and harmonised life. as we wake up to the fact that we are living indoors more and more, and have become attached to screens and back-lit devices that are around pretty much 24 hours per day.

Couple this feeling with an increasing awareness of single-use plastics and their effect on the planet through eco-aware campaigns, and the growing trend of Veganism (more on that later) we're heading for a brighter future thats for sure! 

It's great to see Biophilia, Veganism and Sustainable Design as 2019 trends, it's a direction that we absolutely have to head in.

This is a trend that we are of course 100% behind and our latest collection of illustrated goods from All The Ways To Say captures the essence of Biophilia, with dreamy scenes of rainforest cafes, city jungle-scapes and balconies bursting with foliage a reminder of nature in the everyday, scenes where modernity and the natural world interweave.

All the Ways to Say are a French studio whose chic illustrations we fell in love with, we have beautiful prints, notebooks, cards and wrap with their calming Biophilic designs on!

Take a little walk through our collection here.

And for some further reading on Biophilia take a look at The Independent and Elle Decor for some reporting on the trend.