Adventure, Expeditions and Exploration - 'Sidetracked' Magazine

Adventure, Expeditions and Exploration - 'Sidetracked' Magazine

To the adrenalin junkies, the thrill seekers and the passionate travellers or even those who appreciate a beautiful zine - have you heard of Sidetracked Magazine?

Page after page of the most compelling expedition tales and strikingly beautiful photography - from swimming in the deep blue to climbing the highest summit. It's a complete and utter back-to-back wonderment to read.

The latest issue - 'Volume 14' - is all about the art of risk taking, taking care of yourself, others, your kit and the places you encounter and pass through on your adventures. Expect mountain biking in the Canadian mountains, canoeing in monstrous weather conditions and gnarly treks in the summits of Tajikistan. 

The one thing that is so credible about the articles and stories in Sidetracked is that they're so unbelievably visual that it feels like I am actually on a mountain biking mission in the Canadian alps and not sat at home on my sofa. 

'It's 4:30am. I unzip my tent and stick my head out into a fresh morning breeze. We are perched on a stone island in an ocean of dancing clouds, 1,000m above sea level. Frost falls off the canvas as I eagerly stumble out, camera in hand' 

This little snippet is from one of my favourite articles in this months issue - 'Reflection'. Set in the arctic elements of rural Sweden, we follow the story of a mans expedition through the Swedish mountain range which is told in such a way that it makes us feel as if we are reading his personal diary entries - so immersive and descriptive that you are immediately hooked. Without spoiling it, it's an truly remarkable document of events that really put's the act of venture into perspective!

If you're looking for a new journal to get your nose stuck into, I highly recommend Sidetracked - even if you aren't an adrenalin junkie... just yet. I promise you won't be short of an inspiring and compelling adventure tale or two (or three !)