Learn How to Live Wisely and Well - 'The School of Life' Collection

Learn How to Live Wisely and Well - 'The School of Life' Collection

The School of Life is a marvellous company that offers a variety of programmes and services concerned with how to live wisely and well. From therapy sessions, workshops and classes to offering a wonderful assortment of books, stationery, homewares and games which we have here, in our Exeter shop and online.


Calm is definitely one of my favourite books in the whole world. For someone that can stress quite easily over the silliest things - like being able to decide what to eat for dinner tonight - this book teaches you how to stay and remain calm in any element of life; from relationships and learning to deal with other people, to work life and learning to become more patient and ambitious. This book reminds us that we are all human and not alone in the world of stress. Go on, give it a read. 

Birthplaces of the Great Ideas

This is a lovely little postcard set about twenty of the most inspiring places where some of the most significant ideas to affect humanity formed. Each and every postcard is different from the last, it captures each location with idyllic photography coupled with fascinating explanations of the ideas that continue to change our world. These postcards are simply lush and they're just perfect for a coffee table or a dinner party. 

Small Pleasures

The most gorgeous concept for a book! This book is all about the small pleasures in life and learning to appreciate the little things from hot bubbly baths to taking off in a plane. One of my favourite chapters of the book is 'Grandmothers' because I can relate to it so profoundly and I am sure you'll feel the same when you read it too. It highlights that distinct part of all our childhoods where we spent our sunny summer weeks with our grandparents while the rest of the family were at work. We would spend days eating cut up cheese sandwiches from a tray in front of the telly which we aren't normally allowed to do at home, then we were allowed to pick something from the special chocolate cupboard that normally smelt like orange squash and then we'd get taken out in their tiny car to the local park or zoo where we would spend the whole afternoon basking in the sunshine. This gorgeous book makes you feel all sorts of lovely things - not just nostalgic!

Eastern Philosophy & Western Philosophy Cards 

This pair of beautiful packs of cards is like no other - teaching us all about the Western and Eastern philosophies of Asia. Each card is scribed with compelling insights of the thoughts and traditions lead by the people of Asia and when flipped over, every card has either an intricate illustration or beguiling photograph that relates to the theme of the card. My most favourite card in the Eastern Philosophy pack is about Wabi Sabi which is all about loving the imperfect - Wabi meaning the bittersweet melancholy of being on ones own and Sabi marks the wear that enhances an object. Again, these are gorgeous coffee table packs or igniting dinner time chatter!

This is just a small selection of the lovely The School of Life products we have here at NGNG. Check out our website or come down to 125 Fore Street to take a look!

Grace x