About Us

No Guts No Glory was created in 2009, during the great recession. The name was conceived from the very nature of opening a business in such challenging times, yet No Guts No Glory - or more affectionately known as 'NGNG' - has gone on to defy all odds. Not only has NGNG survived some extremely difficult times for indie businesses, it has managed to thrive.


The shop has become hugely popular within Exeter, with a glowing reputation for high-quality and carefully curated products. Each item on the shelf at NGNG has been selected meticulously, ensuring that the ethics and sustainable credentials behind each product are up to the highest standard.


In 2020, the shop entered a new stage in its life. Alex, the new owner, is a graduate from the University of Exeter - specialising in the circular economy. The ethos of NGNG remains to be as circular and as sustainable as possible.

Meet The Team