Livistona Rotundifolia

Livistona Rotundifolia


Also known as a 'Footstool Palm', this gorgeous plant is easy going and a great way to bring the Caribbean to your home. This plant is easier to manage with regards to size in comparison to other palms, although it can still reach 2 metres in height over time.

Light: A bright spot away from direct sunlight is ideal.

Watering: Water once the soil starts to dry out.

Soil: Well-draining soil. Two parts peat-free compost, one part perlite.

Temperature: Happy in temperatures above 18°c, although keep away from draughts.

Repotting: This plant will need to be repotted slightly more regularly when it is smaller, around once every 2 years, then can start being repotted less frequently once its more established.

Plant Care Level: Beginner

*Ceramic pot not included*