Epiphyllum 'Fishbone Cactus'

Epiphyllum 'Fishbone Cactus'


The fishbone cactus forms long flat stems resembling a fishbone - hence its nickname. It can also be known as a zig zag or ric rac orchid cactus. Due to being part of the succulent family, the fishbone cactus is a really low Maitland and easy houseplant to care after. Given the right conditions and care you might be lucky enough to see your fishbone cactus flower. They don’t usually flower indoors, but it can be done. By giving your fishbone cactus a bit more full sun in late summer to early autumn - this can help the plant produce flowers. If you are so lucky, the flowers will open at night but only last one day. Don’t miss it!

 They like to be in the morning sun but to be sheltered from the high afternoon light.

Watering: Water every week or whenever the soil is dry - you can check this by scratching the top 2cm of the soil.

Soil: Your Fishbone Cactus needs well-drained potting soil. You can make your own by using one part peat-free soil and one part perlite.

Temperature: They can tolerate being in a 7-21°C heat range but can handle high temperatures when in moist, shaded environments. 

Repotting: Repot your Epiphyllum every seven years and increase the pot size by 2cm.

Plant Care Level: Beginner

*Plant does not come with pot.