Ficus Elastica 'Abidjan'

Ficus Elastica 'Abidjan'


The Ficus Elastica, otherwise known as the Rubber Tree, can grow up to 30 metres in the wild... thankfully, it will grow much more slowly in your home. In fact, this plant is low-maintenance and is ideal for beginners.

The Abidjan variety features dark, rich leaves along pink stems.

Light: Bright indirect light is ideal, although this plant can withstand slightly lower-light environments.

Watering: Allow the top soil to dry out before rewatering to prevent root rot. This will be around once a week during the warmer months, and once every two to three weeks in the winter.

Soil: Well-drained potting soil. One part pear-free compost, one part pine bark and one part perlite.

Temperature: Between 10-29°C is ideal for them, but they can live in temperatures as low as 4°C.

Repotting: Repot once a year and try to increase the pot size 2cm.

Plant Care Level: Beginner

*Plant does not come with pot*