Sansevieria 'Snake Plant' - Futura Robusta

Sansevieria 'Snake Plant' - Futura Robusta


The foliage of the Sansevieria slithers out from its pot, with broad patterned leaves - earning it the nickname 'Snake Plant'. Native to West Africa, these plants are quite easy going. A preference for less regular watering, and high forgiveness for those who may lose track of their watering schedule, these are a great plant for beginners.

Light: Bright, but indirect sunlight provides the best conditions.

Watering: To keep your Sanseveria full of life water it once every 10 days. Check that the top layer of soil has dried out before watering. 

Soil: Keep the soil Well drained. Ideal potting mixture will be one part perlite/coarse potting sand, and one part loam soil.

Temperature: They like temperatures between 15-29°C, but they can live in conditions as low as 10°C.

Repotting: Ideally you will need to repot your Sanseveria every three to six years.

Plant Care Level: Beginner

*Plant does not come with pot.