Scindapsus Pictus 'Argyraeus'

Scindapsus Pictus 'Argyraeus'


The Scindapsus, native to South East Asia, is a vining plant which can be trained to climb, or left alone to trail.

It's the velvety, pale green, variegated leaves with flecks of silver which make the 'Arygraeus' trailing plant so special. Originally found growing in the rainforests, the Scindapsus Pictus 'Arygraeus' is used to sitting in dappled light under the trees and can handle occasional shade making it a great all rounder.

Light: Give your Scindapsus Pictus 'Arygraeus' bright and indirect light. Harsh direct sunlight will scorch its leaves, while too-little light will cause the leaves to lose their variegation.

Watering: A fit and healthy Scindapsus loves a water once a week. Allow the top soil to dry out before watering.

Soil: Well-draining soil. Ideal potting mixture will be one part perlite/coarse potting sand, one part loam soil.

Temperature: They love temperatures between 18-29°C. As a tropical plant, they do not like the temperature to drop below 16°C and keep out of cold draughts.

Repotting: Repot your Scindapsus every 2-3 years and increase pot size by 2cm.

Plant Care Level: Beginner.

*Plant does not come with pot.