Philodendron Hastatum

Philodendron Hastatum


Philodendrons cover a huge variety of species (nearly 500). They are easy-going, provided you keep them out of direct sunlight and allow enough time between waterings in order to prevent root rot. The Hastatum has gorgeous blueish-grey elongated leaves. These quick growers will put out a new leaf every week or so when they're happy.

Light: Medium to bright indirect sunlight.

Watering: Water around once a week, although the best method is to water whenever topsoil is dry.

Soil: Well-draining soil. Ideal potting mixture will be one part perlite/coarse potting sand, one part loam soil.

Temperature: Any temperature between 16°c and 25°c will be adequate.

Repotting: Repot every 2-3 years and increase pot size by 2cm.

Plant Care Level: Beginner

*Plant does not come with pot.