Pilea Spruceana 'Silver Tree'

Pilea Spruceana 'Silver Tree'


The Pilea Spruceana 'Silver Tree' Is a very unique looking plant, with reddish stems and leaves with a silver flash down the middle. The Pilea is super low maintenance so perfect for beginners or those of you who forget to water your plant babies!

Light: The Spruceana likes bright but indirect light.

Watering: Allow 80% of the pots soil to dry put before watering.

Soil: Keep the soil well drained. Ideal potting mixture will be one part perlite/coarse potting sand, and one part regular potting mix.

Temperature: They love 15-25°C, but can tolerate as low as 10°C in Winter for a short time.

Repotting: The Pilea Spreceana should be repotted every 2 years.

Plant Care Level: Beginner.

*Plant does not come with pot.