Two Fields Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Second Batch

Two Fields Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Second Batch

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"When Harry fell in love and moved to Zakros, we discovered a community producing some of the worlds finest olive oil and a place to call home. But we saw a beautiful generational craft, strained by a broken food system and conventional farming.

We believe in another way. A small scale, regenerative approach producing small batches of delicious olive oil in harmony with nature.

So, with no farming background but a deep desire to learn from the land and guided by the patient hand of honed farmers, we became unlikely apprentices and self taught regenerative farmers."

The Second Batch - A delicious, light & fruity olive oil.

"We’re combining that knowledge and craft with a focus on soil and microbes. The result is a beautiful single estate, extra virgin olive oil. Cold pressed from our handpicked Koroneiki olives creating a light and fruity taste with a peppery finish.

Perfect for dressing, dipping and drizzling. Each bottle hand numbered & every drop from our Two Fields."